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About The Blueprint Tour

Welcome to The Blueprint Tour, a podcast that takes you into the heart of construction and design. Hosted by Kenny Shultz and Carter Huddleston from PermitZIP, this show is where stories unfold, insights are shared, and the art and science of building and design are celebrated.

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  1. Dive Deep into Real Stories and Insights: Each episode is recorded on-location, offering a window into the authentic experiences of professionals across the construction and design spectrum. From the complexities of construction projects to the nuances of architectural innovation, The Blueprint Tour brings you the real stories behind the buildings and spaces that shape our world.

  2. Learn from a Diverse Array of Experts: Our guests include a wide range of professionals – architects, engineers, developers, contractors, and others who make the built environment possible. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring rich and varied content that appeals to industry veterans, newcomers, and enthusiasts alike.

  3. Build Community and Connection: At its core, The Blueprint Tour is about fostering connections within the construction and design community. Through shared experiences and candid conversations, we highlight the collaborative spirit essential for bringing visions to life.

  4. Stay Updated on Innovation and Trends: The industry is constantly evolving, and so are we. We explore the latest trends, technologies, and innovative practices shaping the future of construction and design.

  5. Enjoy the Human Side of Construction and Design: Beyond the technical talk, our hosts bring humor, warmth, and a personal touch to every discussion. The Blueprint Tour is about projects and processes and the people who bring them to life.

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Ever wondered what really goes on after you leave the OAC meeting? Our podcast pulls back the curtain on commercial construction, offering insights directly from industry insiders. Each episode is recorded live from a different location.


An engineer who's pretty okay at being bad at the piano.
Principle at Permitzip MEP Engineers and Producer at The Blueprint tour.