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Design Meets Practicality

SMBW's Unique Approach with Majd and Michelle

Season 1, Episode 8: Design Meets Practicality with Majd and Michelle from SMBW

Guests: Madj Soudi and Michelle Mikida, SMBW Episode


In this engaging episode, hosts Kenny Shultz and Carter Huddleston sit down with Madj Soudi and Michelle Mikida from SMBW, a leading architectural and interior design firm. Set within the creative confines of SMBW's office, the conversation delves into the complexities of design and construction, emphasizing the vital role of coordination and collaboration.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The Intersection of Design and Construction: Madj and Michelle share their insights on balancing aesthetic integrity with the practical aspects of construction, showcasing SMBW's diverse project portfolio, ranging from corporate spaces to higher education and mixed-use developments.

  • The Art of Coordination: The episode explores the nuanced challenges of aligning design professionals and consultants to ensure a cohesive execution of projects. It highlights how disagreements often stem from unclear responsibilities, stressing the importance of clear communication and shared objectives.

  • The Value of Trust and Communication: The conversation underscores the necessity of trust and open dialogue between all parties involved in the construction process. By fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding, SMBW navigates the intricacies of bringing visionary designs to life.

  • Future Collaborations and Innovations: Looking ahead, Madj and Michelle express excitement about the potential of future projects and the evolving landscape of design and construction. Their anticipation for innovative collaborations encapsulates the forward-thinking ethos of SMBW and The Blueprint Tour.

Closing Thoughts:

Episode 8 of The Blueprint Tour offers listeners a comprehensive look into the design and construction world through SMBW's expertise. Madj Soudi and Michelle Mikida, alongside Kenny and Carter, provide a captivating exploration of the challenges and rewards of creating functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces. This episode is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the shared passion that drives the industry forward.

Listen Now: Dive into this insightful conversation on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred podcast platform to learn more about the synergy between design and construction from the experts at SMBW.

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