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From Wawa to the World of Construction

with Ashley Blankenship

Season 1, Episode 2: From Wawa to the World of Construction with Ashley Blankenship

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the Blueprint Tour, where we dive into the tales and tools of the trade with some of the industry's finest. In this episode, we're chatting with Ashley Blankenship from UrbanCore Construction. With a unique journey that took her from managing a Wawa store to navigating the construction industry, Ashley brings a fresh perspective to the world of building and design.

Episode Highlights

Journey from Wawa to Construction

Ashley's career trajectory is anything but ordinary. Spending nine years at Wawa, she didn't just manage a convenience store; she absorbed the essence of running a 24/7 business, mastering the art of people management, and imbibing a culture of hard work and dedication. However, seeking a change from the relentless pace of retail, Ashley found herself drawn to construction, a field she humorously notes as "a smidge less stressful" than her previous gig. The transition wasn't just about switching industries; it was about bringing her unique skill set and perspective to solve the complex puzzles of construction projects.

The Heart of Coordination

This episode delves into the crucial aspect of coordination in construction. Drawing from her diverse background, Ashley emphasizes the importance of clear communication, meticulous planning, and understanding of the different moving parts of a project. It's not just about laying bricks or drafting plans; it's about creating a symphony where every contributor, from architects to electricians, plays harmoniously. Coordination, as discussed, is not solely the responsibility of one party but a collective effort that demands participation from all stakeholders.

Assume No Malice – A Guiding Principle:

One of the standout moments in the episode is when Ashley shares one of UrbanCore's guiding principles: "Assume No Malice." In the construction world, where miscommunications and misunderstandings can lead to delays and increased costs, approaching conflicts with this mindset can be transformative. It's about giving the benefit of the doubt, working towards understanding, and, most importantly, building trust. This principle doesn’t just apply to construction; it's a lesson in empathy and communication that transcends industries.

A Laugh Along the Way:

Despite the coordination challenges and discussions on industry insights, the episode is peppered with light-heartedness and laughter. Ashley's journey from the world of Wawa, with its unique culture and demands, to the construction industry showcases her adaptability and sense of humor. The banter between the hosts and Ashley adds a personal touch to the conversation, making complex topics more accessible and engaging for the audience.

Closing Notes

This episode with Ashley Blankenship is a journey through the lens of someone who's bridged worlds, bringing lessons from one industry to innovate in another. It’s a testament that the principles of hard work, communication, and coordination are universal, regardless of the field. Stay tuned for more stories and insights from the crossroads of construction and design right here on the Blueprint Tour.

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