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The Difficulties of Opening a New Restaurant

The Challenges of Coordination in Construction with Chris Brown from Benny's Pizza


In this conversation, hosts Kenny Shultz and Carter Huddleston, and guest Chris Brown discuss the construction coordination challenges, particularly from the owner's perspective. They touch on trust, payment issues, and the importance of having the right team. They also delve into the complexities of HVAC systems in restaurant construction, including the sizing of hoods and the difficulties of balancing air. The conversation highlights the importance of simplicity and reliability in HVAC design and the challenges of coordinating with landlords and lease agreements. In this conversation, Kenny Shultz discusses the difficulties of coordinating construction projects, particularly in the restaurant industry. He talks about the strict hood rules and unexpected costs that can arise during approval. He also highlights the importance of navigating the politics and jurisdictional issues with permits and coordinating with different trades. Kenny emphasizes the need for trust and communication between engineers, contractors, and tradespeople, as well as the importance of understanding the business needs and budget constraints when designing HVAC systems. He also touches on the difficulties of opening a new restaurant and the coordination required between construction and operations.


  • Coordination is the hardest part of construction, and trust is crucial in building a reliable team.

  • Payment issues can arise when contractors or partners don't pay their bills, causing problems for the project.

  • HVAC systems in restaurant construction, particularly hoods, can be complex and expensive, and proper sizing and air balancing are essential.

  • The coordination of HVAC systems with lease agreements and landlord requirements can present challenges.

  • Simplicity and reliability are key in HVAC design, and using trusted equipment and suppliers can help ensure success. Coordinating construction projects in the restaurant industry can be challenging due to strict hood rules and unexpected costs during the approval process.

  • Navigating the politics and jurisdictional issues that come with permits is crucial for a successful project.

  • Trust and communication between engineers, contractors, and tradespeople are essential for smooth coordination.

  • Understanding the business needs and budget constraints is important when designing HVAC systems.

  • Opening a new restaurant requires coordination between construction and operations, and delays can have significant consequences.


00:00 Introduction and Overview
08:11 The Importance of Trust in Building a Reliable Team
26:14 The Value of Simplicity and Reliability in HVAC Design
33:21 Coordinating Egos and Preferences
40:25 Setting Expectations and Building Trust
46:50 The Challenges of Opening a New Restaurant
53:19 Sourcing Contractors and Working with a National Contractor

Featured Quote

"The probability of success of your restaurant is directly proportional to the length of your hood."


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