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The Importance of MEP Systems in Restaurant Construction

with Jarnail Tucker, Co-Founder of ChefSuite


ChefSuite is a ghost kitchen facility that provides resources and support to chef tenants. They offer flexible lease terms and a private kitchen space for efficient operations on delivery-only apps. Jarnail and his team worked hard to determine the project's needs based on the business plan and available real estate, particularly in the heart of the Covid crisis. The focus was on creating a comfortable and inviting space for tenants, with attention to ventilation and climate control. We discussed the challenge in coordination between trades, and clear communication was crucial for the project's success. We discuss the challenges and benefits of operating a ghost kitchen and the importance of marketing and digital presence. The conversation covers various topics related to the challenges and complexities of building a restaurant, including the importance of MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, the need for experienced contractors, the value of investing in the right equipment, the importance of trust and communication in the construction process, the role of marketing and social media in the restaurant industry, the significance of underwriting and financing in restaurant projects, and the role of engineers in advocating for their clients and navigating building codes and regulations.


  • Chef Suite provides resources and support to chef tenants in a ghost kitchen facility.

  • The design process involved determining the project's needs based on the business plan and available real estate.

  • Coordination between trades and clear communication were vital to the project's success.

  • Operating a ghost kitchen requires focusing on marketing and digital presence to reach customers on delivery-only apps. MEP systems are crucial in restaurant construction and require a significant portion of the budget.

  • Investing in the right equipment is essential for the success of a restaurant.

  • Trust and communication are fundamental in the construction process, and it is essential to have open and honest conversations with contractors and consultants.

  • Marketing and social media play a significant role in the success of a restaurant.

  • Underwriting and financing can be challenging for restaurant projects, especially new concepts.

  • Engineers can provide valuable expertise and advocacy in navigating building codes and regulations.

Sound Bites

"Creating a comfortable and inviting space for tenants is a key benefit of ChefSuite."

"Clear communication and coordination between trades are essential for successful design and construction projects."

"It's not just as simple as hooking up a hood."


00:00 Introduction to Chef Suite and the Concept of Ghost Kitchens
01:00 Creating a Supportive Environment for Chef Tenants
32:00 Marketing and Digital Presence in the Ghost Kitchen Industry
40:28 The Challenges of Building a Restaurant
47:38 The Importance of Technology and Marketing in the Restaurant Industry
55:14 The Role of Underwriting and Financing in Restaurant Projects
01:08:29 The Advocacy Role of Engineers in Navigating Building Codes

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