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Revolutionizing AEC Companies Through Strategic Data Usage

with Max Nevermann, Managing Director of Levcon Analytics


Max shares his journey from a soccer player and skier to a managing director of LevCon Analytics, discussing the construction industry's evolution, technology's impact, and the ConvergeIt product's development. He emphasizes the importance of user engagement and the industry's cultural shift. We cover various architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) technology topics, including software tools, project management, AI, machine learning, and data management. Max shares insights on the challenges and opportunities in the AEC industry and the impact of technology on project efficiency and decision-making.


  • The impact of technology and data consulting on the construction industry is a critical step all AEC businesses should be making.

  • LevCon Analytics developed ConvergeIt, a data integration platform for building owners to manage asset information, aggregating building information into a single source of truth.

  • User engagement and the adoption of new technology are critical factors in the success of software development within the construction industry.

  • Machine learning and AI are transforming the AEC industry, offering automation and data-driven insights opportunities.

  • Data management and access to historical project data are essential for leveraging technology to improve project outcomes.

  • Be careful using LLM’s from third parties like OpenAI due to indemnification language.

Sound Bites

"Humans using AI are going to replace humans." —Max Nevermann

"We trained it on all of our RFIs and our submittals. And so that was 40 years worth of data that we just fed it." —Max Neverman (on creating in-house LLMs)


00:00 The Journey from Soccer to Software: A Diverse Career Path

03:37 The Impact of Technology and Data Consulting in Construction

50:31 The Impact of AEC Technology on Project Efficiency and Decision-Making

57:26 Automation and Efficiency with Group Inserter

01:19:34 COBE: Construction Operations, Building Information Exchange

01:25:11 Training AI on RFIs and Submittals

01:35:11 On-Premise AI and Closed-Loop Systems


construction industry, technology, data consulting, software development, user engagement, cultural shift, AEC technology, architecture, engineering, construction, software tools, project management, AI, machine learning, data management

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