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Building Strong Relationships in the Construction Industry

with Cliff Ringenberg of Ringenberg Construction

Season 1, Episode 14: Building Strong Relationships in the Construction Industry with Cliff Ringenberg

Episode Overview

In this episode, we sit down with Cliff Ringenberg from Ringenberg Construction, diving into the nuances of effective collaboration, the pivotal role of trust, and the art of communication within the construction industry. Cliff shares his rich experience and the lessons learned from years of working on diverse projects, emphasizing the importance of pre-construction services, the impact of owner's involvement, and strategies for maintaining positive relationships across all parties involved in a project.


  • Introduction to Cliff Ringenberg and the ethos behind Ringenberg Construction. Cliff sets the stage by discussing his passion for building not just structures but also strong, lasting relationships in the construction process.

  • The significance of pre-construction services and early involvement of all stakeholders. Cliff illustrates how early engagement helps set clear expectations, budget accurately, and identify potential challenges ahead of time.

  • Trust is the cornerstone of successful projects. Cliff recounts several anecdotes where trust between the contractor, the client, and other stakeholders proved to be the key factor in overcoming obstacles and ensuring project success.

  • Communication strategies that work. From handling conflicts to keeping all lines open and transparent, Cliff discusses the communication tactics that have helped his team navigate the complex dynamics of construction projects.

  • Lessons from the field: Cliff shares real-life scenarios where effective collaboration and communication led to innovative solutions, cost savings, and enhanced project outcomes.

  • The role of technology in facilitating better construction practices. Cliff touches on how modern tools and software transform teams' collaboration, design, and build.

Closing Thoughts

Cliff Ringenberg's experience underscores the timeless values of trust, communication, and collaboration in the construction industry. By embracing these principles, construction professionals can navigate the complexities of their projects more effectively, ensuring the success of their builds and the strength of their business relationships.

Available Platforms

The podcast is available on major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the PermitZIP website.


  • 0:01:18 - The Evolution of Ringenberg Construction

  • 0:10:30 - The Significance of Trust and Collaboration in Projects

  • 0:13:00 - Innovative Solutions and Handling Project Challenges

  • 0:19:00 - Navigating Client Relationships and Project Expectations

  • 0:28:59 - Leveraging Technology and Innovation in Construction

  • 0:34:41 - Discussing the Complexity of Renovation Projects

  • 0:37:48 - The Importance of Pre-Construction Services

  • 0:44:37 - Identifying the Ideal Client for Ringenberg Construction

  • 0:47:30 - Strategies for Effective Communication and Problem-Solving

  • 0:50:55 - Exploring the Future of Construction and Sustainability

  • 1:02:20 - Cliff's Perspective on the Construction Industry's Direction

  • 1:13:38 - Final Thoughts and Closing Remarks

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