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Restoring Historic Buildings

with Jacob Combee from archsmith studio

BPT Season 1 Episode 12: Behind the Scenes: Restoring Historic Buildings with Jacob Combee from archsmith studio.

Episode Overview: In this vibrant episode, Kenny Shultz and Carter Huddleston roll out the virtual red carpet for Jacob Combee, the mastermind behind archsmith studio, a firm renowned for its innovative approach to architectural design and experience restoring historic buildings. Recorded on-site at the historic rail yard at Lambert's Point in Norfolk, Virginia, the episode is a masterclass blending historical preservation with modern development.

Key Highlights:

  • Historic Rail Yard Transformation: Jacob Combee shares the fascinating journey of transforming over 100,000 square feet at Lambert's Point, consisting of eight different buildings. This colossal project includes two historic tax credit projects, one non-historic renovation, and five new buildings. The collaboration between local and out-of-state developers showcases a diverse and dynamic development strategy.

  • Small Business Focus: Combee discusses the importance of creating spaces catering to small businesses, emphasizing mutual understanding and shared challenges as a small business owner. His thoughtful and relatable approach highlights the nuanced considerations in making architectural decisions impacting small businesses.

  • Collaborative Development: The episode delves into the unique joint venture between two developers, showcasing how collaboration can bring about remarkable changes in a community. This project revitalizes a significant area in Norfolk and serves as a blueprint for future developments that balance historical preservation with contemporary needs.

  • Community Impact: The transformation of the rail yard at Lambert's Point is more than just an architectural feat; it's a community revitalization story. Combee's work illustrates how thoughtful architecture and development can breathe new life into historical spaces, creating vibrant communities where businesses can thrive.

Behind The Blueprint Tour:

Kenny and Carter explore the intricate process behind transforming historical sites into modern spaces with their characteristic humor and insight. Their discussion with Jacob Combee is not just about architecture; it's a narrative on how spaces can shape communities and foster growth for small businesses. And, of course, how can the burden of coordination find its way through the web of a complex project like this one?

Why Listen?

This episode is a must-listen for anyone fascinated by the intersection of history, architecture, and community development. Jacob Combee's passion for his work and the detailed account of the Lambert's Point project provide a compelling narrative on the power of innovative architectural solutions to impact communities positively.

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