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Unveiling the Architectural Blueprint

with Justin Whiteford from Fultz & Singh Architects

Season 1 Episode 5: Unveiling the Architectural Blueprint with Justin Whiteford from Fultz & Singh Architects

In this captivating episode of the Blueprint Tour, Kenny Shultz and Carter Huddleston sit down with the distinguished Justin Whiteford, a leading architect from Fultz & Singh Architects (FSA), delving into the intricacies of architectural design and its evolving landscape. Recorded in the dynamic setting of FSA’s offices, this episode offers an exclusive peek into the mind of an architect shaping Virginia’s cityscapes.


  • The Kickoff: The Unseen Challenges of Architecture: The episode kicks off with a humorous start, showcasing the informal and approachable side of architecture. Kenny and Carter introduce Justin Whiteford, setting the stage for a discussion that promises to demystify the architectural process.

  • Architectural Beginnings and Inspirations: Justin shares his journey into architecture, touching on the often unexpected realities of the profession compared to initial inspirations. This segment reveals the passion and dedication required to excel in architecture and the continuous learning and adaptation it demands.

  • The Impact of Technology on Architecture: A conversation unfolds on how technological advancements have influenced architectural design and construction. Justin provides insights into the balance between innovative design and practical implementation, highlighting the importance of collaboration across disciplines.

  • Coordination and Communication: The Keys to Success: This part of the discussion sheds light on the critical role of coordination and clear communication in ensuring project success. Justin and the hosts exchange views on how architects, engineers, and contractors can work together more effectively to overcome common industry challenges.

  • Architecture’s Role in Community and Environment: As the episode winds down, Justin emphasizes the architect's responsibility toward creating sustainable and community-focused spaces. He candidly shares instances where advising against an architect's involvement is in the client's best interest, illustrating his holistic approach to architecture.

Closing Thoughts:

Justin Whiteford's participation in the Blueprint Tour enriches our understanding of the architectural landscape and humanizes the profession, offering a glimpse into the daily challenges and victories architects face. Through engaging stories and thoughtful discussions, Episode 5 bridges the gap between the architectural elite and the everyday listener, inviting us all to appreciate the built environment around us more deeply.

Stay tuned for more episodes from the Blueprint Tour, where Kenny and Carter continue to explore the fascinating world of construction and design, one blueprint at a time.

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